Passing the test, is not sufficient to register and be accepted at the university of your choice. You may need advice and information for research at any university. In that process, you must complete your plans and files and be guided more precisely. At this stage, Bering Academy will provide you with the following support to help you reach your highest goals:

  • The educational status of students is continually monitored by counsellors and teachers. Counsellors assist students who are hesitant about choosing a university. Job selection exams, in-person meetings with instructors, job seminars and elective workshops will be held to determine the most appropriate university.
  • Our advisors guide students to know which tests they must pass to achieve their goals. As a result, the highest level of readiness to meet targets will be created.
  • Once the results of the tests are announced, the candidates’ universities will be determined. The academic programs will be completed and carefully monitored with the help and guidance of our counsellors.
  • Many universities announce their capacity completion dates. Our advisors keep tabs on college announcements. In this way, students will be aware of the opportunities that arise in this way as soon as possible.
  • Once students are accepted into university, their application is fully prepared to enroll. All the steps to finish the process will be provided directly by the academy.

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