Social activities

By attending the Bering Academy, students will take part in many social events and clubs. Developing or improving social skills is a key element in learning skills and adapting to multicultural environments.

Student Club

In addition to classroom and academic activities, there are various extracurricular activities in the Bering Academy program. Our educational system boosts the motivation and enthusiasm of students on the basis of many of their favorite activities. These activities occur in many ways. Artistic, scientific, sports, social activities are performed according to the talents of each student. Support is also offered for the cognitive, emotional, physical and social development of students.


Students compete as part of group activities. Such competitions may be organized in different disciplines. Such activities shall take place in the fields of art, sport, culture or society.

Special occasions

By holding celebrations and parties on special days, students will get to know different cultures better. Christmas Eve, Norouz, Halloween, and many others are among those occasions.


Daily or weekend tours are a special opportunity for students. Excursions will positively impact students’ mood and motivation. These tours involve a range of activities. From cycling and strolling tours to nature yoga workshops. Students are regularly informed of the calendar of visits.

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