What is GMAT

If you are working or studying in a management or business area, you may have heard about GMAT. The GMAT is the term ‘Graduate Management Admission Test’ and is administered by the GMAC. This test belongs to the category of academic proficiency tests. What is tested in this test is the students’ mathematical, algebra, geometry, data analysis and grammar skills. People who have studied management, business, accounting or MBA and intend to immigrate to countries such as the United States or Canada must have a GMAT.

The format of the GMAT

The GMAT test, like all standard tests, is made up of different parts. Each of these sections assesses some of the students’ skills. Familiarity with the format of this test will help you to get a better mindset before you start studying.

Analytical Writing Assessment

In this section, the student shall make a 30 minutes of critique and analysis. Competence in scientific reasoning allows empowerment in this field. The answer to the analytical writing question is based on a text. After reading the text, students will be asked the analytical questions. There are two steps to scoring this section. First a computer program, then an examiner. The average of both grades will be the final grade in this section. The rating range is 0-6. It is computed in the form of a variable in half-units.

Integrated Reasoning

This part of the test has four parts. Visual interpretation, two-part analysis, table analysis and multi-source reasoning. This section is 30 minutes long with 12 questions to be answered. The questions in this section focus on assessing the ability to analyze and interpret sources of information. Statistical knowledge is very important in this area. The score in this section ranges from 1 to 8.


This section assesses the mathematical reasoning of applicants. This section takes around 1 hour. To do so requires knowledge in calculus and algebra. This is why mathematical knowledge contributes to success in this area. The rating in this section ranges between zero and 60.


This part of the test lasts 65 minutes. The applicant must answer 36 questions. Each of these questions consists of 5 options. The basic skills of this section are reasoning, sentence correction, reading complex texts. The ability to understand is crucial in this area. Scoring will be between zero and 60.

How's it scored

Based on the standard rating, the score range of this test is between 200 and 800. The scoring algorithm system within the GMAT test is a complex multicriteria algorithm. Scoring is a combination of software score and assessor score. In this test, a baseline score cannot be selected as the best. Because the applicant must work according to the admission requirements of the university. Generally, a pass mark over 700 is accepted by many universities. A score of 540 is the mean score for test participants.

The GMAT test runs for 3.5 hours. One of the primary criteria to pass this test is time management. That’s especially important in math. The certificate is valid for a period of five years.

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