We stand beside you to feel comfortable and relaxed. We will provide you all that you need to feel “at home”.



Our consulting team will give you all the details on the training system at Bering Academy. Students will receive the information they need in seminars and prep courses. The academic calendar will be given to all students. In this way, students will be fully acquainted with the process by which they pass through the academy.


Our experts offer face-to-face counselling to the students. They also follow up on all their assignments. Phone contacts with the students’ parents will also be available. Students and their parents may also receive day-to-day briefings from the academy.


Experts from Bering Academy Counselling Services follow up to identify student strengths and weaknesses. Then, by analysing their situation, they will take remedial courses. Other classes will take place in full co-ordination with the student.


Other factors that affect student success include time management, increased concentration, calmness and anxiety control. Through seminars and workshops, our consultants will provide you with all the details about the strategies to be implemented. This step will be followed by an assessment of how well students are utilizing the techniques.

Psychological counseling and guidance services

Our consulting and psychology department closely monitors and assesses each student’s routine. Feedback from teachers, students and parents will identify individual needs. Afterwards, meetings will take place to solve students’ problems. In addition, seminars will take place during the courses. Some such seminars include:

  • Understanding of different types of tests
  • Completion of the education method
  • Improve the efficiency of learning skills
  • Problem resolution skills
  • Making a career choice
  • Ways to control anxiety and manage stress
  • Time Management

During these seminars and courses, students with ADHD, low self-confidence or low self-esteem will be referred to our psychology department. Where appropriate, advice to address these issues will be provided.

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