Tips to start over

The Bering Academy is at your side to secure your steps from the earliest moment of your decision to begin your studies in Turkey.

Transportation services

Our academy offers all the transport services for students and their companions from the airport. Student transfers will be available for free.

Accommodation services

Housing in a safe, clean and comfortable environment significantly impacts student success. As such, we provide counselling and orientation services to students in this regard. In consequence, students will find the best place to live. This choice will depend on their temper and lifestyle. There will be a variety of options for dorms as well as those who want to rent an apartment.

Bank Account

Bering Academy helps students complete the process to set up a bank account. Our advisors will accompany the students so that they can easily follow the necessary documents and the work process.

Insurance services

Confirmation of residence permit and provision of student safety are subject to insurance. We will provide the best insurance and the most profitable for students with the appropriate support.

Translation services

Registration and application for residency in Turkey require translation and equivalency of documents in Turkish. Our academy team translates and validates student credentials.

Residence Permit

Once the paperwork has been completed and a residence application has been submitted, the work process will continue until a residence permit is obtained. The student’s file is complete and is followed through to the end of the process.

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