For success in SAT, the more you know about its structure, the better the outcome. Learning practical skills in this test and familiarity with its structure will be the main prerequisites for achieving the maximum score.

What is SAT

SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test, administered by the College Board. The test measures students’ critical thinking, level of analysis and intelligence. This test is used by most colleges and universities as a measure of student enrollment. This test is composed of 3 general sections: mathematics, comprehension and essay.

The format of the SAT

These are three parts of this test: math, comprehension, and essay. Each one has a score of 200 to 800, which they add at the end.


The mathematical part comprises algebra, problem solving and information analysis. This part involves two parts of about 25 minutes and a part of about 20 minutes. This section contains 58 questions in total. 20 of the questions do not need a calculator, which takes 25 minutes. The other 38 require a calculator with a response time of 55 minutes. In this section, a negative score is not considered for the questions.


This section is a combination of test and descriptive questions. The number of test questions is far more than descriptive questions. More vocabulary is needed here. The comprehension article contains 52 questions that need to be answered in 65 minutes. The questions in this section consist of a variety of texts. The section is made up of five passages. Each one has ten or eleven questions. Classical literature texts, biology, sociology, psychology, economics, geology, physics, chemistry, tables, and diagrams, include the content of these passages. In this section, a negative score will not be considered.


This section contains multiple-choice questions and articles. Although this section is optional, it is highly valued by some universities. The essay section is structured around 3 axes: understanding, analysis of texts and writing. The deadline for this section is 50 minutes. Each section has a score from 1 to 4. That grade is the student’s average final grade.

Bring Methods on SAT

Like any other test, SAT is one of the tests which makes it possible to anticipate all sorts of questions. Familiarity with the test facility will help you prepare. Many students consider SAT to be a preparatory test for English and mathematics classes. That leads to the wrong step in preparation. Consequently, this prevents them from achieving their full potential.


It is very important to use the correct resources during the readiness phase. You must become familiar with the types of questions and learn more about the subjects. Numerous publications serve as guidelines only and summarize the test. In our training program, you will want to review and analyze a large number of questions.


Every day, you will recognize more errors and gain strength. Questioning skills will also improve your ability on this test. Time management, increased focus and stress control are important aspects of the high marks in this test. Our advisors will give you many useful tips and strategies. Holding seminars will also improve your capabilities and skills.

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