YÖS is a simple test which assesses the basic competencies of a person who intends to study at a Turkish university. There is no reason why you should not reach your full potential on test day with basic, precise and personalized training. We’re here to assist you. With the comprehensive training method, you will be able to obtain all the necessary preparations for the exam that is in front of you.

What is YÖS

YÖS is a university entrance exam in Turkey. Foreign students who wish to study in Turkish universities must take this test. The results of the multiple-choice test, the final list and the results shall be published by the universities themselves.

The format of the YÖS

The YÖS test is made up of two parts: basic learning skills and Turkish language skills. Basic skills measure a student’s intelligence and math knowledge. The second part examines the Turkish language in particular. This questionnaire is available in English and Turkish as well. Each candidate replies in the language specified at the time of registration. Experience has shown that the intelligence and mathematics issues in this test are at the high school level of the country. The second part of the test is aimed only at those who are considering studying in Turkish. However, if you intend to study with a IELTS or TOEFL degree, you will not have to answer the second part.

Bring methods on YÖS

Every year, students from different countries take the YÖS test. The educational systems and the level of readiness of these students are very different from each other. The Bring Learning System enables students to prepare for the test at the same level as they are. The courses offered are interrelated. Hence, not understanding an issue will create problems at later levels. For this reason, no new subject will begin until all students have understood the current topics. Students will benefit from the necessary and correct resources for the test. They need to be familiar with a variety of questions. It is necessary to learn the techniques of each section and implement them. At Bring Academy, we have prepared a written curriculum by analyzing all the previous tests. Accordingly, a variety of tests are offered to students to acquire complete skills. Practical methods are also necessary to obtain high scores on the test. Time management, increased concentration, and reduced anxiety will have a significant impact on the test result. Therefore, holding seminars to acquire such skills is also on the agenda of the academy. With all of this in mind, specifically all the specialized and practical, personal and psychological skills, are offered at Bring Academy. Contact us for more information about the Academy’s teaching methods.

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